Monday, April 18, 2011

vernal reflections

your cool, gentle breeze meanders through meadows, whispers promises in the treetops, lazily caresses my skin, having no real urgency to be anywhere in particular.

your sweet perfume of fresh, new life wafts through the cleansed air—i breathe it into my lungs and hold it there, absorbing its essence into my bloodstream.

a rousing opus announces your arrival—a brilliant composition that shakes the dull hum of winter from my soul—performed by nature's winged prodigies as they busy themselves in a perfectly orchestrated dance of excited, urgent activity.

i bask in the alluring warmth of the sun's invigorating rays; its radiance illuminates my heart as it brings a glow to the hidden beauty all around me, and stirs in me a yearning, restores in me a hope.


welcome back, my friend.