Monday, July 27, 2009

to gripe or not to gripe

i was going to spout off about the demise of personal responsibility and the movement of selfishness that has taken over the minds of today's youth, but i realized that 1) it's not just the younger generation that's been infected, and 2) i'd rather post a picture of a northern water snake i spotted while out on a leisurely stroll one weekend.

actually, my strolls are never leisurely. they are always driven by a purpose, and that purpose is to capture the often overlooked inner workings of nature. there is a whole universe of existence alongside our own that goes largely unnoticed, what with humans being so self-absorbed and locked into their oh-so-important daily routines...but i wasn't going to talk about that, was i? ok...need to get back on track...

ah, yes...nature.

i love nature. when the chaos of the world is erupting all around you, driving you out of your skull with aggravation, despondency, frustration, et al, nature is always there to soothe. the smell, the sight, the sounds...all of it serves to transport you out of the confusion of your world and into the order and rightness of its world. in nature, everything has its place. certain laws are inherent, and understood by all inhabitants of that world. it's simple in its complexity, and it is this truth that i wish to capture.

didn't really capture it here, though. at least, this masterpiece is not revealing anything to me. so maybe this will be a journey, the prize being the capture of the aforementioned truth that lies within nature — and this blog serving as documentation along the way.


Mary said...

Let me have the honor of being your first commenter. You will be on my blogroll when I get going again ;-)

I love what you've written here. You are a kindred spirit and a real naturalist.

About those who do this for free - you'll never meet better people. Check them out on my blogroll and those who comment. We're a giving group. Welcome to blogland, Doug!


Mary said...

Oh, I meant to say Dugfresh ;-)

dugfresh said...

thanks, mary, and welcome aboard. though i fear it's going to be lonely for you here, you and i being the only ones who even know about this blog. but i guess everyone has to start somewhere...

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