Saturday, October 31, 2009

the color of magic

ok…gonna lighten things up a bit. apologies for that last post, for both the length and preachiness factor…i was in a mood.

thought i'd just post some nice images of fall in north carolina this time around. no preaching. just pictures.

i have never been blown away by the color of fall like i have been since moving here. new mexico has two seasons: hot and cold. north carolina, i was pleased to discover, has four. the old traditional winter-spring-summer-fall roster. and spring and fall are my favorites. it's absolute heaven here; it literally takes my breath away sometimes. there is so much going on with color at this time of year, it overwhelms the senses.

the feel of the air — crisp, clean, comforting — carrying the promise of holiday warmth to come; the scent of wood crackling and popping in fireplaces; the cozy, yellow glow of lit-up windows; the wonderful aroma of cinnamon and clove and nutmeg wafting down neighborhood streets. it feels right.

one of my favorite walking trails had fresh new carpet put down; plush, full, soft…and colorful. gone was the old motif of brown soil with pine needle accents.

fall colors compliment the simple beauty of this female adult house finch. (at least that's my guess. initially, i would have gone with pine siskin, but in the end — mainly because of the beak, i decided on female house finch. please…correct me if i'm wrong, though.)

i don't want this magical time to end, but, as with all seasons in life, this one will pass and usher in the next, and it, too, will be laced with it's own subtle beauty, waiting to be uncovered and enjoyed by those who know how to look for it.

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