Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving

we feed the feral siamese that calls our neighborhood — and the woods surrounding it — home. we have been for almost a year now. at first it was, "awww…look at the cute little cat. she looks hungry." so we'd stick a little bowl of food out for her. of course, our back porch became her favorite spot, and now she enjoys three hearty meals a day out there. she grew on us, with her beautiful coat and color, and her striking blue eyes; we looked forward to her arrival, came to expect her presence at our back door.

then, 4 days ago, she stopped coming around.

we scanned the woods for her cream-colored silhouette; we watched the stump of a large, dead tree that had become her throne, where she would bask in the sun and bathe herself; we consistently eyed the corner of the house, expecting her to slink around the corner at any moment, plop herself down, and wait patiently for her meal; we monitored the back door, turning toward it with so much frequency our necks started to hurt, hoping to see her face pressed up against the glass…


our hearts, heavy, surprised at how much we missed our little visitor. there have been a lot of hawks around lately. vultures, too. and let's not forget cars.

we feared the worst.

then, thanksgiving eve.

out of habit, i turned toward the glass door, now coming to expect a backyard devoid of furry animal friends, but too set in my new ritual of hope not to look…and there she was. like a ghost. silent, her face pressed against the transparent barrier; patient, as if saying, "no, no…don't get up. finish what you're doing. i can wait."

so today i'm thankful that our "unofficially adopted outdoor pet" is safe, and has resumed her daily routine at "restau de le dugfresh."

i'm thankful for God and for the seemingly impossible likelihood that He continues to love a sinner like me.

i'm thankful for my family, and for our health.

i'm thankful that i have a job, and can still pay (mostly) all the bills.

and i'm thankful for birds. and flying squirrels. and cats and dogs and dragonflies and caterpillars. racoons, foxes, coyotes, and possums, bats, mayflies, assassin bugs, northern water snakes, deer, boxelders, towering oak trees, ferns, rain…for nature and this wonderfully complex and bewilderingly beautiful planet that circles the sun at just the right distance away.

happy thanksgiving, readers. (although it's only one four so far, i'm still thankful for you.) i hope your day was filled with joy, comfort, love, family and friends, and appreciation for all the little things we can so often take for granted.


Mary said...

Doug, this was one of the most beautiful posts I have ever read. I'm just so damned sorry it took me so much time to get here.

Your words mean so much and the way in which you weave a short story is amazing.

I love the look of your blog! I'll take some time and examine it.

That beautiful Siamese is feral? I'm sure you know that cats will disappear for days...

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas


dugfresh said...

thanks, mary. no need to apologize for the time it took to make it back to my had plenty of other, more important things to tend to. and i've been a bit neglectful of updating this thing, not to mention catching up on yours and the others i'm following. busy time of year, this.

the header image is a shot of my "backyard" — the common area of our community. the fence is mine, but the rest of it belongs to my good friend nature. it's a beautiful view when the fog rolls in. it lends a bit of mystery to the ol' familiar.

yes, feral. let's just say, the strays around here are some of the best-looking, healthiest cats around. as for cats disappearing for days...i'm starting to get the picture. we have another one, a very friendly, cute little black and white cat that used to camp out on our back porch, but we haven't seen him for about two weeks now.

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