Wednesday, June 9, 2010


whole, complete, live squirrels this time!

so, i thought after my last post, i should lighten things up a bit. in that spirit, here are some live squirrels doing what they do best, which is apparently eating, jumping, and defying gravity on the sides of tree trunks. enjoy.
squirrel in flight!
safe landing
scrambling up a tree
(click the picture for a larger version)
playing spider man
(click the picture for a larger version)
messy eater
snack time
just hangin around

UPDATE: i just found out that the gray squirrel is north carolina's state mammal. (drop that little tidbit of useless trivia at your next social gathering and watch the party come alive…)
i also just noticed that the tree trunk in the second-to-last image lines up perfectly with the line of the squirrel's back in the image below it, as though he was an extension of the trunk. weird.


Sarah Stephen said...

I browsed in to your blog via the Natureblogs list and I must commend you on these wonderful photos! That titbit about the gray squirrels is sure to come handy as well!

Richard said...

The bird on my new header is a Common Yellowthroat Warbler.

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