Thursday, August 20, 2009

prepare for landing





i'm after the eastern pondhawk next. this is not an eastern pondhawk. it's another blue dasher, i believe. no, i didn't get a picture of the eastern pondhawk because — are you ready for this — it was always too close.

that's right. usually you can't get close enough for a shot; the 30,000 moving images of you registered through those large, bulbous eyes are an immediate dead giveaway that something larger than it is coming and that it would be prudent to leave. like, now. and, voila!, you missed your shot. then you end up stumbling around like frankenstein's monster, crashing through bushes, tripping over rocks and branches while you follow it, no match for its agility, hoping it will land again soon and give you another chance.

well, this one was either blind or somehow knew my 200-500mm lens would never pick it up. so instead of running away, it stayed close — just under the minimum focus distance of my lens.

not only are they cool looking; they're smart, too.

anyway, i'm kind of obsessed with these things. they're beautiful. i happened upon it while out looking for my elusive-but-sometimes-cooperative green heron (see my previous post in which he was playing the cooperative card). no bird, but then, this, in all its gleaming, metallic green glory. it soon became obvious that i wasn't coming home with a picture of this guy (for the reason mentioned earlier), so i just watched him through my other lenses; lenses of the prescription variety, the ones that hook around my ears and rest on my nose.

so the hunt is on. i will get you, you little green bandit. you can't stay close to me forever. no, one of these days you'll stray far enough away and into 200mm range, and then...snap!'re mine.


Mary said...

You got a great shot of a Green Heron a couple posts back! Now, to get a dragonfly landing...that's skill.

dugfresh said...

that green heron was pretty exciting. he landed in the tree right in front of me, then let me walk pretty close to the tree. in fact, i stopped not because i detected any nervousness from him, but because i didn't feel like pushing my luck.

i just got some more green heron shots which i hope to post soon. i'm loving this camera. i am taking photos faster than i can post them.

but stay tuned. there's some good stuff on the way...

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.

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